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June 10, 2006

Amalia Reina is a 17-year old figure skater in the Los Angeles area. In December of 2004, she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL). She is undergoing treatment until at least the end of 2008. LindyZ Skatewear has pledged to support Amalia’s training by donating a portion of the proceeds from sales of a specialized hat and jacket.


Designed by LindyZ owner, Melinda Grieger, this soft pink fleece jacket and matching pink cap have a heart and ponytail design. They were created especially for a Locks of Love hair donation event held in Amalia’s honor, June 10, 2006. (


Event organizer, Lexi Rohner, has been Amalia’s skating coach since Amalia was 11 years old. She enlisted the help of the community by contacting local teachers and students. “The event was a HUGE success!”, said Rohner. “We were able to collect 284 ponytails. It takes 6-10 ponytails to make one wig, so that is about 28 wigs”.


Locks of Love, a not for profit organization that provides recipients with a custom, vacuum-fitted hairpiece made entirely from donated human hair. The vacuumfit is designed for children who have experienced a total loss of scalp hair and does not require the use of tape or glue. Most of the applicants suffer from an autoimmune condition called alopecia areata, for which there is no known cause or cure. Others suffer from severe burns, or endured radiation treatment to the brain stem, in addition to many other dermatological conditions that result in permanent hair loss.


For more information on Leukemia, please visit:

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